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The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts:

The Off-World Incident which engaged the Reed Family has been established, the incident was factually upheld

The Governor of Massachusetts Charles D. Baker: Formal Governors Citation

Nov 3rd 2015. The Historic off-world event is now part of the MA Historical Society's Collection and Reed's recent induction in MA History

Gt Barrington Historical Society:

GBHS has Formally and Officially Inducted the first Off-World / UFO case in US History, due to Factual and Corroborated Evidence

Massachusetts Historians:

The Historical Society confirms that the Reed Off-World Incident is historically significant and true and warrants induction

Debbie Oppermann, Historical Society Director:

The Reed off-world/ufo incident was broadcast on GT Barrington's own WSBS Radio Station marking the Incident which occurred on Sept 1st 1969. Widely witnessed, firsthand testimony, including a recent polygraph test.

WSBS FM Radio Station:

WSBS reported in a news broadcast in Sept of 1969 the sighting of a disk shaped object that witnesses say descended from the sky over the Reed family horse farm at 1554 Boardman Street. It should be noted that pillars of the community had come forward and reported observing the disk shaped object in 1969 and still talk about it today.

Detective White badge #2270

It is the opinion of this investigator, based on the whole of evidence; extensive interviews with both brothers and other witnesses, polygraph examination and physical evidence collected and analyzed, that the Reed family have had extraordinary encounters with an unknown powerful force.

Advanced Polygraph Services:

During the pretest interview Mr. Reed recounted several encounters. The questions for this exam are focusing on whether or not he is deliberately lying to this examiner about the encounter and being on the spacecraft. RESULTS: No Deception Indicated Passed 99.1%

Jan C. Harzan Executive Director Mufon

It should be noted that in the 1980's and mid 1990's Attorney Robert Blatchman Investigated the Reed Family Case. At the time he was the public relations director for mufon. The outline of the case involved their legally retained attorney Robert Bletchman who discussed the Reed file at the United Nations Symposium on Oct 2nd 1992 in support of GA 33 /426. Robert maintained an alliance with J.Allen Hyenk.

Boston Globe: Cover, UFO story lands in hall of history. Feb 23rd 2015

Mainstream Historical Society / Museum in the United States has declared a UFO encounter to be historical fact. Dozens of people in the area reported seeing it. WSBS radio which covered the sightings has provided documentation

ABC News 10 NY:

Reed family honored with monument. The commemorative monument is dedicated to the official induction of our Nations First Off-World Incident.

Berkshire Eagle: 

The inscription on the monument hails the official induction of our Nations first off-world/UFO incident. The event now resides alongside Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party in the annals of Massachusetts history

Berkshire Magazine: Oct 2015

​Recently Reed's encounter was officially inducted as the first UFO account to be validated as an actual historic event. Reed returned to the site of the encounter commemorating that strange September evening a six foot podium.

Roswell Daily Record: Cover July 2nd 2015

The Reed family has made U.S. history. Their 1969 encounter is the first case in the United States to be declared by historians as a true event. For historians or a township to officially induct an historical event and for it to be considered true history, it must have had a life-changing impact on the area in one way or another. Whether that impact was positive or negative. 

Indiana Monthly Magazine:

Calls the Reed case the most famous extraterrestrial encounter.

The Gt. Barrington Mass. Historical Society:

 inducted the Reed Case as a true event.with the quote, "History is a story of the past that is significant and true, the Reed case is one of those amazing stories."

The Roswell Museum:

Features the Reed UFO Encounter via a four foot high operational display in their honor.

New England Historian, Kevin Titus: 

The commemorative bench along with the City Proclamation accrediting the family is a profound testament to the case and the family.

Kathy Marden:

 The Reed family case by extraterrestrials will go down in the annals of UFO history as one of its most, significant cases. The brothers, (Thomas and Matthew) retain conscious recall from some of their experiences. There is a lie detector test, witnesses, and physical evidence that suggest the Reeds have endured extraordinary experiences at the hands of non-human entities. This is a compelling case that should be published far and wide. 
Kathleen Marden, MUFON Director of Abduction Research and author of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science Was Wrong (with Stanton T. Friedman), and The Alien Abduction Files (with Denise Stoner). Kathy

​Donald R. Schmitt:

Seldom have I met an individual with a level of humility and yet acceptance of his personal touch with the unknown - In this case, contact with extraterrestrials. Within his quest for answers, exist an abundance of medical and law enforcement documentation, all of which substantiate the interaction with a phenomenon beyond human comprehension. Thom Reed and other members of his family will be the vanguards leading us all not only to a greater understanding of our visitors, but also our own place within the galactic neighborhood. Donald R. Schmitt: Best-selling author.

Mike Bara: 

The case of the Reed Brothers is one of the most compelling I have ever investigated. The earnestness with which Thom and Matthew tell their story is only matched by the physical evidence. To my mind the Reed brothers case deserves to take a place alongside such famous events as the Zamora case, the Pascagoula abduction and Vilas-Boas case. Not for one second did I sense a shred of insincerity from either of them. Now it's incumbent upon the rest of us to continue dig deeper, to help them understand exactly what happened to their family and more importantly, why it happened.

Sasha Christie: 

I can honestly say that the Reed family history is one of the most compelling, and is 100% genuine. They have physical evidence, a passed polygraph test, a city proclamation dedicated to the family and a case mentioned at the United Nations. I having spoken at great length with Thomas and there is no doubt in my mind that this family truly has survived an ordeal. I have nothing but respect for them, and I know you will feel the same.    Sacha Christie: UK Director ICAR.

​Debbie Jordan Kauble:

 I did assist in some tests on Matthew’s vehicle while the star team and others investigated in 2010, I photographed some of the odd marks in the grass in Matthew's back yard. I also recorded a brief video of my compass going crazy as I walked around Matt’s vehicle. I knew instantly that he was telling it like it was and that he was genuinely struggling with this. I have meet literally hundreds of people who have claims of abductions, but can count on one hand the number of times I have had this kind of personal reaction, and seen trace evidence first hand. The more we talked, the more we found we had in common. It was just phenomenal. I was even MORE blown away when I started communicating with Matthew's brother, Thom. The similarities are astonishing. It is my opinion, that Matthew and Thomas Reed are both honest people and are sincere in the reporting of their experiences. I believe that the Reed case will go down as one of the most well researched cases in the history of UFO reporting.    Debbie Jordan Kauble Aka: “Kathy Davis” of Budd Hopkin’s book, “Intruders” September 21, 2013

Yvonne Smith:

 Thom Reed's honest character, strength and integrity has enabled him to endure his childhood contact experience, along with his brother Matt, Mother and Grandmother. A well documented, multiple witness/missing time abduction experience, chronicled in his first published account, recommended reading for anyone who has suspected being taken by entities not of this world.    Yvonne Smith, CERO (Estimated release Summer 2014)

​Reed's professional career, his resume embraces a list of accolades, from Ocean Drive Runway shows to having the management agreement for the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders in the movie Miami Vice. He maintained scouting agreements with Playboy from 2000 - 2005. Some of his booking and/or clients: Polo Black Label, Ralph Lauren, US Polo, Macys, Sacks Fifth Avenue and Nike.In 2005 Thom was offered the position as assistant producer with 5 Star for the syndicated TV series, Today's Health with tennis pro Chris Evert. Thom has appeared on CSI Miami, Discovery's Alien Mysteries, Travel Channel, Destination America, Paranormal Paparazzi, Canada AM, Innerspace, Science Channel's Uncovering Aliens, and the Fox Morning Show. New England Legends.

Short Bio (2017)

​The Reed Family incident made United States History becoming the 1st UFO related case to be officially inducted into State history as historically significant and true. On November 3rd 2015 Governor Charles D. Baker signed and issued a citation formally inducting the Reed encounter, into Massachusetts State History. Following a polygraph exam and archives by historians that confirmed the incident had altered the national progression of the area, the incident was publicly inducted. This decision was celebrated by the unveiling of a 5000 pound monument, with live coverage by ABC News NY. The incident and records are now rightfully part of the Historical Society's collection. The incident of September 1st 1969 made news on Gt Barrington's WSBS Radio when the station became flooded with calls. The Reed’s encountered this object while exiting the Sheffield Bridge along the Housatonic River. The Reed Family incident was selected as the launch for Discover Channel's Alien Mysteries and later an episode of New England Legends and Uncovering Aliens. Thomas Reed is the founder of the European Print Fashion Agency Miami Models (South Beach) best known for Children's Print and Fashion Runway.


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Travel Channel

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BOSTON GLOBE. Reed ufo case


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​ ReedUFO@gmail.com

ABC News 10 & Boston Globe

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​the Thom Reed UFO Incident is our Nations 1st and only ufo incident to be officially inducted into the united states as historically significant & true.  Thom Reed was inducted into state History on 11-03-15

Toronto News  

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Short Bio & Topic


The incidents’ involving the Reed’s made local news on WSBS Radio in the 1960’s. The incident and/or Disk shaped craft that was seen descending over the Reed farm in 1969, was issued a HYNEK classification; during the final months of Project Blue Book. Reed is the founder of Florida's MIAMI MODELS, w/clients: Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

Debbie Oppermann, Director of the Gt Barrington MA Historical Society:

“History is a story about the past that is significant and true, yours is one of those stories.”

News Publications: 
Boston Globe, Washington Times, the Berkshire View, Chicago Tribune, Berkshire Eagle, Knoxville News Sentinel, the Roswell Daily Record, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Berkshire Magazine, Metro Pulse. Toronto News.

Television & Media Coverage:
Discovery Channel, Travel Channel: Animal Planet, Raw TV, Fuse TV, SYFY Channel.

ABC News 10 NY, CBS News 2 NC, CBS Boston, FOX 59.  Daily Planet TV, CT Morning Live, British Columbia News,

EP Daily News,  Live Saskatoon, CP24 News flow.

Canada AM,  Daily Planet TV,  CT Morning, EP Daily News,  CTV Canada AM Morning show,  Inner space TV,  CT Morning Live, Fox Red Sofa Morning Show,  Discovery Channel,  Paranormal Paparazzi,  Mysterious World TV,  Destination America, Uncovering Aliens. Alien Mysteries, New England Legends.

WIBC radio

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