1 the 1ST & only ufo case in the united states OFFICIALLY Inducted as "historically significant & true"  


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Please respect the binding agreements in place that involve language:
Limitations to language have been mutually agreed as to preserve the integrity of this case, it will be handled delicately or not at all. This historic incident has now positioned itself in a way no other case has. This incident is now a landmark case recognized as true historic fact, the 1st UFO case accepted in

United States History.  
This opens doors and holds enormous amount of value to the subject, please respect it for its mark on history.

Note to press, radio and media:
 This case did not make history over claims; it made history do to FACTS, Documents and Witnesses.  We will pursue Legal Damages under defamation and/or slander regarding any more reckless or distorted articles moving forward.

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Abduction - Spaceship -Claims

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​Kathy Marden:
The Reed family case by extraterrestrials will go down in the annals of UFO history as one of its most, significant cases. The brothers, (Thomas and Matthew) retain conscious recall from some of their experiences. There is a lie detector test, witnesses, and physical evidence that suggest the Reeds have endured extraordinary experiences at the hands of non-human entities. This is a compelling case that should be published far and wide. 
Kathleen Marden, MUFON Director of Abduction Research and author of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science Was Wrong (with Stanton T. Friedman), and The Alien Abduction Files (with Denise Stoner). Kathy

Donald R. Schmitt: Seldom have I met an individual with a level of humility and yet acceptance of his personal touch with the unknown - In this case, contact with extraterrestrials. Within his quest for answers, exist an abundance of medical and law enforcement documentation, all of which substantiate the interaction with a phenomenon beyond human comprehension. Thom Reed and other members of his family will be the vanguards leading us all not only to a greater understanding of our visitors, but also our own place within the galactic neighborhood. Donald R. Schmitt: Best-selling author.

Mike Bara: The case of the Reed Brothers is one of the most compelling I have ever investigated. The earnestness with which Thom and Matthew tell their story is only matched by the physical evidence. To my mind the Reed brothers case deserves to take a place alongside such famous events as the Zamora case, the Pascagoula abduction and Vilas-Boas case. Not for one second did I sense a shred of insincerity from either of them. Now it's incumbent upon the rest of us to continue dig deeper, to help them understand exactly what happened to their family and more importantly, why it happened.

Sasha Christie: I can honestly say that the Reed family history is one of the most compelling, and is 100% genuine. They have physical evidence, a passed polygraph test, a city proclamation dedicated to the family and a case mentioned at the United Nations. I having spoken at great length with Thomas and there is no doubt in my mind that this family truly has survived an ordeal. I have nothing but respect for them, and I know you will feel the same.    Sacha Christie: UK Director ICAR.

​Debbie Jordan Kauble: I did assist in some tests on Matthew’s vehicle while the star team and others investigated in 2010, I photographed some of the odd marks in the grass in Matthew's back yard. I also recorded a brief video of my compass going crazy as I walked around Matt’s vehicle. I knew instantly that he was telling it like it was and that he was genuinely struggling with this. I have meet literally hundreds of people who have claims of abductions, but can count on one hand the number of times I have had this kind of personal reaction, and seen trace evidence first hand. The more we talked, the more we found we had in common. It was just phenomenal. I was even MORE blown away when I started communicating with Matthew's brother, Thom. The similarities are astonishing. It is my opinion, that Matthew and Thomas Reed are both honest people and are sincere in the reporting of their experiences. I believe that the Reed case will go down as one of the most well researched cases in the history of UFO reporting.    Debbie Jordan Kauble Aka: “Kathy Davis” of Budd Hopkin’s book, “Intruders” September 21, 2013

Yvonne Smith: Thom Reed's honest character, strength and integrity has enabled him to endure his childhood contact experience, along with his brother Matt, Mother and Grandmother. A well documented, multiple witness/missing time abduction experience, chronicled in his first published account, recommended reading for anyone who has suspected being taken by entities not of this world.    Yvonne Smith, CERO (Estimated release Summer 2014)

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