Please respect the binding agreements in place that involve language:
Limits to language have been agreed, to preserve the integrity of this witnessed 1969 incident in Gt Barrington MA, The recorded event confer upon by the Charles D. Baker Governor of Massachusetts.

This historic off-world incident that engaged the Reed family was established, factually upheld and deemed Historically Significant and true, by means of Massachusetts Historians. The records, the event and persons (Thom Reed) have officially entered the History of Massachusetts, by Governor Baker. The records collected by Historians are now part of the Gt Barringtons Historical Collection. The (1st) citation issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to confer and induct, was signed Oct 27th 2015, and the (2nd) Nov 3rd 2015

Note to press, radio & media:
 This case made history do to FACTS, Documents and Witnesses. Do not associate this case with silly terms 

As we will file for damages.

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1 the 1ST & only ufo case in the united states OFFICIALLY Inducted as "historically significant & true"  

  Book:  Summer 2016

  Thom Reed w/ Brent L. Smith

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